What is psychotherapy and how do I work?

In general people have got into patterns of relating to others or dealing with life which they are no longer finding useful. Sometimes this has been a way to survive a difficult early life.

Some of these issues come into their relationships, especially intimate ones, and thus they are also likely to do so with me.

We will be able to look at this in a very live way, and unlike in the past it may become possible to say or feel things more freely. You may wish to talk about your childhood, but it isn’t always essential.

Often people know what they should do to change matters, or recognise the repetitive patterns they get into, but cannot actually do anything about it. We may be able to find what is stopping you tackling things. However all this is more than just an "intellectual exercise", it really needs to touch the heart as well as the mind.

It is safe to say this process is not easy at times, particularly if a major change is desired. However I would hope you would feel secure during it.