What do I offer?

I have considerable experience of short-term psychotherapy (about 15 sessions, once a week) which tends to focus on one main problem area.

I also have extensive experience of medium term work (a year or two, once a week) which is useful for in-depth development.

In addition I offer long-term intensive psychotherapy/analysis.

Some people can move things pretty fast, but if you have been "stuck" for quite a while it can take longer. Trusting someone enough to see you through change is hard to rush, particularly if you’ve had painful experiences in the past.

I am especially versed in assessing people’s problems and recommending a variety of options. We choose the therapy which is right for you at this time. It may be that some other form of therapy or another therapist is best, or you may decide to stay with me.


I have extensive experience of supervising all levels of psychodynamic psychotherapists and other professionals, from novice to senior clinicians. Please apply for a more detailed discussion.